The most renowned manufacturers serving your projects!

We have built a strong network of renowned suppliers in the field of composite materials and thermoplastics to give our customers the most suitable products in terms of quality.


Reichold is one of the leading global suppliers of unsaturated polyester resins for composites and laminating resins with applicability in many areas.

Johns Manville

With a tradition of over 150 years, Johns Manville produces premium materials for the insulation of buildings, machinery, glass fibers and nonwoven for commercial, industrial and residential use.

Magnum Venus Products

Magnum Venus Products (MVP) is the world's largest manufacturer of equipment for the application of composite materials: pumping systems, spray guns, filamentary winding systems.


Manufacturer of woven fiberglass high quality, applicable in the fields of renewable energy, craft, sports, construction and in automotive and defense industries.

Raymond Group

Czech producer of special fabrics, structured and non-standardized, fiberglass belts and equipment for the production of fabrics for filamentary winding devices.

AKPA Chemicals

AKPA Chemicals is a company specialized in the production of organic peroxides, initiators, accelerators and paint drying substances for the composites, paints, plastics and rubber industry.


With a range of exceptional quality products and a rich research conducted by a team of resin specialists, Resoltech developed over 500 systems for various markets and various manufacturers.

TR Industries

TR Industries is a supplier for the glass fiber, reinforced plastic and composite marble industries. The company's products include compounds, release agents and polishing.

Wiz Chemicals

Being present on the auxiliary materials market since 1983, Wiz Chemicals is recognized internationally as a leader in laminate and mold release agents for plastics.

ES Manufacturing

With a tradition of 40 years in the field, the company offers one of the most complete ranges of rollers designed to remove or build resistant composite materials.


Since 1999, the company behind the RST solvent channeled their efforts toward creating a non-toxic alternative to the classical industrial solvents, acetone based.

ACC Silicones

Manufacturer and distributor of silicone in various forms such as RTV adhesive, silicone sealant, rubber molding, gels and silicone fluids.


Manufacturer and distributor of diversified products, cold processing resin based. Wide range of products and services for the global industrial market.


The company is recognized for its long activity in the transport industry by offering innovative and quality solutions regarding adhesives and sealing systems.

Airex Baltek

Manufacturer and international distributor of silicons and composite materials for diverse use in areas such as architecture, visual communication, transport, industry and renewable energy.


Manufacturer of honeycomb core polypropylene used primarily by composite panels manufacturers, being used successfully in a variety of fields and industries.


Hungarian manufacturer of raw materials used for processing hydrocarbon-based plastics with applications in various fields and industries.

Viba Group

Manufacturer and distributor of complex plastic obtained through specific processes such as extrusion, hot air blowing and injection molds. The company also uses biodegradable materials.

Asahi Kasei

Manufacturer and international distributor of petrochemical materials, polymers, solvents, professional, synthetic resins, latex, explosives, cosmetics and food additives and supplies for industrial use.


Manufacturer and developer of innovative solutions in the field of plastic, rubber, professional and intermediate chemicals, applicable in various industries.

Elix Polymers

The production line offers high quality polymer composites, mainly based on butadiene-acrilonistril-styrene (ABS) and styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) that improve plastics performances.